How to get 20 percent of a number

Here we will show you two methods to get 20 percent of a number. The Number can be dollars, people, or whatever you want.

Method One
You multiply the Number by 20 and then divide that result by 100. Here is the formula to illustrate:

(Number × 20) ÷ 100 = Answer

Method Two
You move the decimal point in 20.00 two places to the left, and then you multiply that by your Number. Thus, the formula becomes:

Number × 0.2 = Answer

The first method is good to use to learn how to get 20 percent of a number. When you understand how, then the second method is faster to use.

How to get percent of a number
We made the tool below just in case you don't have a calculator available. Simply enter any Number and press "Calculate" to get 20 percent of that number.

How to get 20.01 percent of a number
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