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30 is what percent of 50?

When you ask "30 is what percent of 50?" you are asking what share per hundred (percent) 30 is of 50.

The answer to "30 is what percent of 50?" is:


Do you want to know how we calculated "30 is what percentage of 50?" so you can do it yourself in the future? Here we show our work so you can learn:

We took the basic percent formula which is:

(Whole * Percent)/100 = Part

In the problem "30 is what percent of 50?", 30 is the Part, 50 is the Whole, and Percent (x) is what we are solving.

When you enter our numbers into the formula, you get:

(50 * x)/100 = 30

When we solve the equation above for x, we get:

x = 60.00

x is the Percent, and once again our answer is 60.00.

Note that we do round our answer to two decimals if necessary.

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