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Body Fat Percentage Calculator

The Body Fat Percentage Calculator calculates the percentage of fat on your body based on your age, height, weight, and gender.

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Body Fat Percentage

What does your Body Fat Percentage (BFP) mean? We are all different, but here are the general categories of what your Body Fat Percentage means.

Don't forget, your body does need fat, just not too much.

For Women:
10% to 13% = Essential Fat
14% to 20% = Athletes
21% to 24% = Fitness
25% to 31% = Average
32%+ = Obese

For Men
2% to 5% = Essential Fat
6% to 13% = Athletes
14% to 17% = Fitness
18% to 24% = Average
25%+ = Obese

Body Mass Index Calculator
You may also be interested in your Body Mass Index (BMI) which you can calculate here.


How did we calculate your Body Fat Percentage?

First, we calculated your Body Mass Index (BMI) using the following formula:


Second, we calculated the age factor by multiplying your age by 0.23.

Third, we added the BMI to the age factor.

Fourth, we deducted 5.4 from the total if you are female or we deducted 16.20 from the total if you are a male.

Then, we rounded the final answer to two decimals to get your Body Fat Percentage.

Note: This calculator is not applicable for children.


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