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How to Get Percentage

You know the original amount and you know the result, but you don't know the percentage? Here, we will calculate the percentage and show you how to get the percentage.

Please enter the original amount and result below to get started:

Original Amount:



Here is how to get the percentage.

We used the following formula to calculate the percentage:

P = (100*R)/A

P is the Percentage to solve, R is the Result, and A is the original amount.

Entering your information into the formula, once again you get the answer:


This is how we got the Percentage formula:

To calculate the percent of something, the formula is as follows:

(A * P)/100 = R
A = Original Amount
P = Percentage
R = Result

Since our variable is the actual percentage (P), we solved for P:

P = (100*R)/A



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