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Percentage Grade Calculator

Welcome to the Percentage Grade Calculator. You enter how many points you were given on a test and how many total points were possible.

This percent grade calculator will then calculate what percentage you got correct and what grade that corresponds to.

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Percent Correct:

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Thank you for joining all the other students and teachers that found this calculator useful. Study hard and pay attention in class!


How does the Percentage Grade Calculator calculate what percent you got correct on your test?

To calculate your percent correct on your test, we used the following test grade percentage formula:

PC= (YP*100)/PP
PC = Percent Correct
YP = Your Points
PP = Possible Points

How does the Percentage Grade Calculator figure out your grade?

It uses the regular 90 and above is an A, 80 and above is a B, and so forth. It also adjusts for minus or plus grades.


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