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Percentage Pay Raise Calculator

Congratulations on getting a raise!

This calculator can calculate the amount and percentage of your pay raise. Please enter your salary before and after the raise below, then press the blue "Percent Pay Raise" box to calculate.

Salary Before:

Salary After:

Pay Raise Amount:

Percent Pay Raise:

It does not matter if the salary you typed in is hourly, daily, monthly, yearly, etc.

However, before and after salary must refer to the same time period in order for the calculator to compare apples to apples.


Who uses the Percentage Pay Raise Calculator?

- People who want to find out what percentage raise they received.

- People who want to confirm that the percentage and/or amount that the employer stated is correct.

- People who want to share with friends that they got a raise, but don't want to give the actual amount, just the percent.



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