Percentage Points Calculator

Percentage Points is the difference between one percent and another percent. Please enter Percent One and Percent Two below, then press "Points" to get how many Percentage Points they differ.

Prosent One:
Prosent Two:
Percentage Points:
Percent Difference:

As the result above indicates, to get Percentage Points, you simply deduct one percent number from another percent number.

We also displayed the Percent Difference above so you can see the difference between Percentage Points and Percent difference.

Note that Percentage Points and Percent difference are rounded up to two decimals on this page.

Real World Percentage Points Example:
If you enter an unemployment rate of 5.3 percent for last month and 6.1 percent for this month, you will see that the Percentage Points increase was only 0.8, while the Percent Increase was a whopping 15.09 percent.

If you're making an argument and you want to minimize your statement, then use Percentage Points, and if you want to point out a big change, then use Percent.

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