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Percentage Rent Calculator

The Percentage Rent Calculator calculates your total monthly and yearly rent on a commercial real estate lease. Simply enter your numbers in the first five boxes below, then press "Calculate Rent". See Definitions in the box to the right.

Size in Square Feet:

Price per Square Foot:

Breakpoint Amount:

Breakpoint Percent:

Gross Revenue:

Yearly Rent:

Monthly Rent:

If that wasn't enough, note that many commercial real estate leases are NNN, which means that the renter must also pay property tax, insurance, and maintenance of the property (not included in calculation above).

Bottom line: commercial real estate leases are very expensive and have many details. Read and understand your lease fully before signing an agreement.



Size in Square Feet
The size of the commercial real estate you are leasing.

Price per Square Foot
This is your yearly base price per foot that you pay for your lease.

Breakpoint Amount
This is how much your yearly gross sales can be before your landlord wants a cut of your revenue.

Breakpoint Percent
This is the percent of revenue above the breakpoint amount that the landlord wants in rent.

Gross Revenue
This is the total yearly gross revenue for your business.



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