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Percentage Social Security Tax Calculator

Here we will calculate how much you have to pay in Social Security based on your salary.

Please enter your salary below and then press "Social Security".


Social Security Tax:

Social Security Tax:

Social Security Tax:

If you are self-employed, then you are both the employee and the employer, and you would be required to pay the total above.

Although this calculator is based on yearly salary, you can use it for smaller intervals. Just keep in mind that you may have reached the Social Security Limit in the previous period.

The 2016 Social Security Tax Rate used for this calculator is 6.2%.

Amounts are rounded to nearest cent.


Social Security Limit
You only have to pay Social Security up to a limit. When your salary reaches that limit for the year, you no longer have to pay Social Security that year.

Here is the list of limits for previous years. We used the last year on this list to determine how much you should pay in Social Security:

Year 2006 = $94,200
Year 2007 = $97,500
Year 2008 = $102,000
Year 2009 = $106,800
Year 2010 = $106,800
Year 2011 = $106,800
Year 2012 = $110,100
Year 2013 = $113,700
Year 2014 = $117,000
Year 2015 = $118,500
Year 2016 = $118,500
Year 2017 = $127,200



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