Pie Chart showing 36 percent

Here we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to create a pie chart showing 36 percent. (This is also sometimes referred to as a pie chart showing 36 percentage.)

Step 1) Calculate the degrees
To create a pie chart showing 36 percent, you first need to calculate 36% of 360, because there are 360 degrees in a circle (aka pie). 36 percent of 360 is 129.6 degrees.

Step 2) Outline 36 percent of the circle
For this part, you need a protractor, which is a tool to measure angles. Use your protractor to outline 0 degrees to 129.6 degrees on a circle.

Step 3) Color the area
This is the final step. Color the area you outlined in Step 2 so you can clearly see how much 36 percent is of the pie. We colored our outlined area in blue. Here is our result so you can compare it to yours:

Pie chart showing 36 percentage

The area shaded in red on our pie chart above is the remaining part of the whole pie and is calculated by subtracting 36% from 100%.

Note that when you follow the steps above, it does not matter how small or large you make the circle. The protractor will make sure that the answer will be correct regardless of the circle size as long as you calculated the degrees correctly.

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Pie Chart showing 36.01 percent
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