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Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

Here we will calculate what percent of your weight you lost in pounds.

Please enter your starting weight and current weight to see how many percent of your body weight you lost.

Start Weight (lbs)

Current Weight (lbs)

Pounds Lost:

Percent Weight Loss:

By the way, this is the same kind of calculator they use to calculate percentage weight loss on that TV show that was so popular.

The formula to calculate percent weight loss is as follows:

((SW-CW)/SW)*100 = PWL
SW = Start Weight
CW = Current Weight
PWL = Percent Weight Loss

And here is the math to show how we calculated the percent weight loss:


Weight Loss in Kilos?
We state that you should enter your weight in pounds, because that is the measurement most of our visitors use. However, our Weight Loss Percentage Calculator works just as well if you enter kilos instead.



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